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Have you been put off by the prices of solicitors & Will writing companies? Are you also worried that doing this online yourself is a risk you’re unwilling to take?

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Welcome to Redwood, a family business helping other families with their estate planning needs. Using our experience in the estate planning industry, contacts in the legal sector and financial services industry, you can feel confident knowing you are getting honest, expert advice.

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At Redwood, we are Estate Planners whose first aim is to understand you, your journey so far, and your goals in the future. Our clients are welcomed with a free, no obligation consultation to help discover these goals and go over your estate planning options.

We provide expert advice at competitive prices and are here to guide you every step of the way.

Many people mistakenly believe that Estate Planning is only for the rich, the royals and the famous among us. All too often we hear phrases like Estate Planning, Trust Funds and Inheritance Tax and do not think that these apply to us. Those that think this could not be more wrong. Estate Planning is about people, not money – the people closest to us, those we care about and love.

Simply put, Estate Planning means taking the time to recognize how much your loved ones depend on you for safety, comfort, and the attainment of certain goals that you decide to set throughout your life, and then taking the necessary steps to make sure that those goals will still be achieved even if you were to lose capacity or pass away.

Once we find out your goals, our experienced advisors can guide you through this process to help you get the most effective estate plan for you and your loved ones.”

Expert Estate Planning Advice

You may have been put off by the prices some solicitors & companies charge to help get your affairs in order but may also be reluctant to attempt this online yourself without advice (which is probably a good thing!).

We like to think of ourselves as the best of both worlds, we have some of the brightest minds in the industry to help our clients, as well as the technology required to keep our prices competitive.

Estate Planning is more than writing a Will, and that is not to diminish the importance of a Will, after all, why would you work most of your life building a legacy for you loved ones and not ensure it gets there?

We will guide you through this process, giving you helpful tips throughout to ensure your loved one’s lives are not made any more difficult when that time comes.

After hearing the different ways you can have your affairs set up, you may want to implement planning to protect assets for loved ones against third parties, or possibly mitigate inheritance tax, both are great ways to ensure your beneficiaries receive as much of your estate as possible.

What Happens Next ?

Our meetings often take place in the comfort of your own home, but if you would prefer a video call meeting, this can also be arranged. 

Our Estate Planners currently cover the following areas for home visits:

  • Hertfordshire
  • Essex
  • London
  • The South East
  • The South West

In this meeting your Estate Planner will find out all the information they require to ensure they give you the best advice. This will include discussions about your life up until this point, your family & friends, as well as what your goals are going forward. 

Once you have booked a meeting, to help get things started, your Estate Planner will give you a few things to think about prior to them arriving.

Ready to Get Started?

Our legal help is professional, affordable and our Estate Planners will look at your specific needs individually. We will ensure your service is tailored to you – every step of the way.

If you would like to speak to one of our Estate Planners to arrange your free, no obligation consultation, please get in touch.

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